Aesthetic Dental

pursuing excellence

We are an Italian organization with international connections.
We share a strong love of our profession: that feeds us, from that we derive enthusiasm and energy.
In our group we face with each other on seminars, we share; we support each other to the continuous pursuit of clinical excellence. In this way we all grow and our mission is to promote our members as speakers.
We are closely linked: aggregation is our strength. From our cohesion comes our negotiating power with dental companies, with the sponsors, with other cultural organizations.
You do not become member simply by paying a membership fee. In facts no fee is due, much more is necessary.
Must be animated by the same spirit, share the same principles, be willing to devote time to the group, to participate on the reported events.
If you think you have the right motivation, then join the group. You are welcome and we guarantee you will feel great.
Should you be not sure ... let it be

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